Thanil Kamal - Chakwal PakistanBeautiful Village in Pakistan

Thanil Kamal is the name of the village inside the Chakwal district. This village has a lot of beautiful places that you can explore. It is surrounded by a water lake that is sounded by the boundaries of the town.

It has also beautiful mountains that give a natural beauty touch. The village has all the facilities that a village can have. Recently gas is also supplied to the village which is helping the residents of the village very much. It has electricity available for many years.

Thanil Kamal - Chakwal Pakistan

All the people in the village are nice to each other. There are many mosques in the village also. There is also a large graveyard in the village that is near the resident’s house.

The people of the village have religious minds. They celebrate all the Islamic events and meet with relatives. The village has a strong culture in it. They have not forgotten their ancestors and are proud to be in touch with their culture.

Thanil Kamal is known for the love of people for their land animals. Some people care for their animals more than their families. There are different exhibitions of animal races that occur in which all the people participate.

The kids of the village like to get an education in their earlier life. They help their parents in the activities of managing agricultural land. There are some wealthy people in the village that have built schools in the village. The kids of the village go to school and are getting a quality education.

The government of Punjab have also built schools that is running for many years. The school students after completing their studies go outside the village for their jobs. Most students after completing their studies join Army.

There are many people in the village that are living in Dubai and Saudia Arabia. They also come to the village after some months and meet their families.

I go to the village after some months also. The people of the village love their village and live a great life that is a dream for many other people.

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