It’s Tuesday today.

The summer season is at its peak these days. Today a little rain happened in our city and the temperature is slightly lower than yesterday.

In this post, I discuss how you can spend your summer days with good habits. These are the habits that can benefit you this summer season.

Use A Cap:

When you go outside your home, always wear a cap that protects you from direct sunlight. A cap can also protect your eyes from heat. It saves you from health issues.

Wear Light Clothes:

In Islam, white is a favourite colour of our prophet Muhammad PBUH. White color reflects light and we feel more safe from the hot weather.

Use Halal Drinks:

By halal drinks, I mean water, lemon juice, mango juice, or any fruit juice that should be used this season. The benefit of halal drinks is that your body fulfils its requirements and it saves you from dehydration.

Don’t Miss Your Prayer:

I know it’s hard for every Muslim to maintain a regular namaz time. You can think that the temperature change is by Allah’s will. The weather change sometimes is not according to our nature. The high temperature is just for our examination. We have to not miss our prayer even if the weather is not fine. Each time we stand in front of Allah, we feel a new connection of Allah with us.

Do Excercise:

It’s a tough schedule for everyone that goes to work in this season. Everyone needs some calm in their bodies. The best way to calm your body is to do a little walk in the morning or the evening.

If you follow the above steps then you can spend your summer season nicely.

Wish you a good summer day.


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