I am nowadays not feeling well. Hope Allah gives me shifa.

It’s 8:42 pm and today is 14 June 2024 (Only 2 days left for Eid-Ul-Adha).

Allah sent us many things to eat and enjoy our lives. Each time you eat your favourite food do praise your God that you are getting the blessings of Allah that some people feel difficulty.

Qurbani is the biggest blessings in Islam in which Allah give you the capability to sacrifice your animal.

In today’s topic, I will try to explain how you can express your feelings to the public or your loved ones.

Please follow the below points in expressing your feelings:-

  • Always try to express your feelings with patience.
  • Never think that you are more intelligent than your audience.
  • Spend more time in gaining experience and knowledge about your speaking powers.
  • Try to have a company with people who have more knowledge than you.
  • Read daily news about your favourite topics.
  • Get inspiration from your religion and the gurus that are leading your religion.
  • Have sympathy about your colleagues. I mean sometimes you may feel that you are good than others. But this is very rare. When you get to this point start thinking that you were below that colleague at some time.
  • Give respect to everyone around you and try to be mature in all respects of life.

I hope you get some points in expressing your feelings with other people around you.

See you after Eid-Ul-Adha. I hope you will enjoy your Eid and spend good time in the coming days.

Have a nice day.

Allah Hafiz 🙂

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