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In today’s topic I am going to discuss the importance of Islam in your daily life.

Also I will give my experiece wheither Islam is a moderate religion or not.

When we are in growing stage, we tend to follow the religion of our family.

We take no intention of what will be impact of Islam in our daily life.

But when time passes we get little bit of intelligence.

We explore new ideas of what is happening around us.

Islam is a peaceful religion. You will get to know this when you become aged.

It gives us right direction. Each rukan of Islam is valid and you will get knowledge of it in daily life.

The complexities of life is solved if we tend to obey the rules of Islam in our daily life.

The science and technology is learning from Islamic rules.

All the developed countries are getting ideas from our ancesters. I mean our ancesters follow the religion strictly and they not throw false comments on others. They concentrate on their work and tend to solve the problems of all the human kinds.

We have to learn from developed countries. We have to learn their technologies and get master in it.

Leaving our homes and finding a good income space.

Now with the advent of internet we can do so. Internet has both pros and cons.

So you have to take interest in improving your knowledge in technology and follow your religion in becoming pure Muslim.

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