Ramadan is a peaceful month in Islam.

All the religious spiritual books were discovered in the month of Ramadan. The Quran (Holy Book Of Islam) also came to the earth on the 21st or 24th date of Ramadan.

We get this month once a year. If you have a lot of tasks to do then you can postpone them and concentrate more on doing good deeds.

You have to remember that it may be your last Ramadan month and you have to focus on following Islamic rules and laws strictly.

You may feel that many people that were with us last year are no longer with us. We have to leave this world one day.

If you are a business man then give good products to your clients and lower your price so that it can help someone near you.

We see that most people start praying Namaz more during the early days of Ramadan and after a week they tend to lose focus.

You have to make a decent plan of how you can make your prayer time important.

Teach your kids and your younger fellows about doing good deeds in Islam.

There are many good books available on the internet and book stalls by which you can get guidance about improving your life with islam.

Hope this Ramadan makes a good impact on our life and our family.

Take care.


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