Chakwal is a beautiful district of Pakistan which was founded in 1525. It became a district in 1985.

Chakwal became Tehsil in 1881. Most people of Chakwal join the Army as their professional career.

Before becoming part of Pakistan, many people in this area belongs to Hindu and Sikh families. But after the separation of India and Pakistan, most of Hindus and Sikhs were migrated to India.

What language do people speak in Chakwal:

About 90% of people speak Punjabi. 6% of people speak Pashto and 3% of people speak Urdu.

Chakwal has an area of 6629 square Kilometers.

The population of Chakwal is about 10 lakhs.

Most of the people in Chakwal are educated and this district has a literacy rate of 80%.

Where is Chakwal Located:

Chakwal is located in the north position of the Punjab.

In north of Chakwal is Rawalpindi and Jhelum.

South of Chakwal is a district of Khushab.

East of Chakwal is a district of Mandi Bahauddin.

In the west of Chakwal is a district of Attock.

Famous personalities of Chakwal:

Famous personalities of Chakwal are Yahya Khan (Former President of Pakistan) and Manmohan Singh (Former Prime Minister of India).

What is Chakwal Famous for:

It is also famous for its beautiful cows and horses.

Famous places of Chakwal:

10 beautiful places of Chakwal include:-

  1. Katas Raj Temples
  2. Kalal Kahar Lake
  3. Neela Wahn
  4. Swinj Valley
  5. Dhurnal Lake
  6. Bhadwal Forest Park
  7. Khabeki Lake
  8. Kallar Kahar Salt Range
  9. Malot Fort
  10. Chappar Rift

Before 1947, many Hindus and Sikhs were living in Chakwal but they were in minority population. After Pakistan was founded most Sikhs and Hindus traveled to India and many Muslims came to Chakwal.

Chakwal is a good place for tourists. There are many historical places in the Chakwal district including forts, hills, lakes, ancient temples, forests, and archaeological sites.

Chakwal is naturally a beautiful district of Punjab.

Chakwal Tehsil Names:-

Chakwal has 5 Tehsils including:-

  1. Chaoa Saidan Shah
  2. Chakwal
  3. Lawa
  4. Talagang
  5. Kallar Kahan

Chakwal is a peaceful place. You can also visit Chakwal to have a good time.

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