I was having blue screen error in my windows 11 for many days. So I checked on internet about the solution. But I did not find any solution. My PC restart every 15 minutes and some times after half hour.

Finally, I got solution to it. I get different errors in blue screen. Sometimes it was memory management error and sometimes process error.

How I solved blue screen error

I have 4 slots of RAM on my PC. Each slot has 4GB of RAM. So I removed 3 RAM slots and check if the system reboots with bluescreen. I noted that the bluescreen error comes again. So I removed that RAM on slot 1 and attached other RAM in slot 2. There was no bluescreen error while using PC. Similarly I removed second RAM and attached 3rd RAM and then checked it and attached 4th RAM and no error comes.

So I noted that RAM on slot 1 was the issue. So I removed RAM 1 and attached all three RAM’s in PC. Now my PC is working fine. And the issue was with one of my RAM.

If you are getting the same blue screen error then you can check your RAM by the method I discussed.

Thanks for reading.

Take care. Bye. 🙂

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