I have been in the web development field for quite a long time. I have developed some websites. One website is the one you are viewing.

Web development is a very big field.

Now there are many web development tools built up by which you can make beautiful websites.

Some of the tools are jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and other languages.

Every skill in web development needs better knowledge.

Suppose you are just starting web development then I suggest you start with HTML5 and CSS3.

Later you can move to advanced topics i.e. Javascript and any of the server-side languages (PHP, Python or Node.js)

You will start your interest built up to make the websites nice looking.

Everything you learn will inspire you to code better. You will see other people code also. Don’t be so scattered if you don’t understand other people’s code.

Note that you are just starting. It may take you a minimum of 6 months to start writing a basic program.

If you can invest a little money i.e. $15 then I can suggest you enrol in any of the Udemy courses. Udemy is one of the leading coaching websites on the internet.

First start with basics e.g. start watching tutorials on youtube that is related to HTML5 and CSS3. When you get enough skills then practice it by following the YouTube playlist.

The next step will be to enrol in the Udemy course. There are many web development courses available on the Udemy website.

After you go through the course on Udemy and you have good experience with web development then start building your first website.

In the beginning, you don’t need to buy hosting. Just develop a website on your local computer.

Then you can create an account on the GitHub website. I know it’s a new term for you. But you have to learn GitHub to make your web development career.

Create a repository in GitHub and start uploading the code you make on your computer.

After creating a couple of repositories on GitHub you can start learning by going through other people’s projects on GitHub.

If you are good in the field of web development then you can also contribute to other projects on GitHub.

This is the method of starting your web development career and making nice websites.

Hope you get a little bit of knowledge in this post.

Please also come to my blog often. I post new topics after some days.


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